Robert Mosko is founder and owner of Mosko Cemetery Monument Services which specializes in preserving, conserving, restoring and rehabilitating historical cemeteries and monuments.

Established in 1998, Robert has been in practice for 11 years and is also an Adjunct Professor at Harford Community College Building Preservation and Restoration programs where he teaches Basic Cemetery Conservation.

Robert has worked in more than 56 cemeteries and has restored, repaired, preserved, and conserved more than 4,000 gravestones and monuments. Some of his oldest projects include the box tombs of the Ball Family (Grandparents to General George Washington), Lower Marsh Creek Presbyterian Church cemetery which dates back to 1711, and the Lincoln Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Robert believes strongly in connecting with his clients in order to better meet their needs. He established his business to be a ‘one stop shop’ which enables him to connect with clients as well as able to accommodate the client’s budget. One of the things that Robert holds most important is empowering his clients with education to meet their project needs themselves and to do everything possible to complete each and every project under budget without taking short cuts.

Proper maintenance, management, administration, preservation, and conservation are many of the topics he teaches in workshops or seminars as well as to his individual clients.

When you call Mosko Cemetery Monument Services for an initial consultation, you talk with Robert first and foremost. If you request a survey or assessment, it’s Robert who meets with you personally, conducts the survey and performs the assessment. He also lays out the project’s outline providing you with every practical and appropriate option. Not one report gets sent out prior to his approval.

Mosko Cemetery Monument Services does not ‘sub-out’ any portion of your project. If there is a particular aspect that we feel can not be handled appropriately, our client is given the option to hire who they feel can handle the job, or we’ll find someone for you at no cost and without any fee. Robert Mosko is present at every project personally undertaking some of the physical aspects himself and staying with the project to see it through from start to finish.

No matter what size the project or how old it is, Mr. Mosko is committed to listening, accommodating, and being as resourceful as possible to meet the needs of the client to prolong the existence of their cemetery or monument in authentic, pristine condition for as long as nature will allow. Robert will do everything humanly possible to assure its existence and an extremely slow deterioration process.